• Undertaking hotel operations on a contract basis

    K & B manages and operates hotels all over Japan to meet the needs of owners. By leveraging our extensive industry experience, we are committed to thoroughgoing research and unmatched management.

  • Restaurant operations / Undertaking restaurant administration on a contract basis

    From the directly managed creative dining restaurant Nin-Nin to cafés and food courts to other restaurant businesses, we operate restaurants inside and outside of Japan. This domain has been one of our core operations since our foundation, and we have undertaken a number of joint ventures with local governments.

  • Food sales business

    We develop and sell original processed food and sell obento for ceremonial occasions.

  • Funeral services

    We offer services for funerals and celebratory events. Besides funeral services, we offer bundled services associated with funerals, such as fresh flowers, artificial flowers, obento, and hotel accommodations.

  • Consulting

    Our operation consulting services are primarily aimed at performance improvement. Other services include consultation for the food court sections of the Shanghai Expo and other production services overseas.

  • Overseas expansion support services

    We offer across-the-board support services for corporations who are considering business expansion to Vietnam, China, Singapore, Thailand and Dubai. We offer comprehensive support from planning and acquisition of certificates and permits to the grand opening.

  • Shoes manufacturing business業

    As a shoe manufacturer, we offer women’s sandals, boots, and children’s shoes in China for delivery to major Japanese distributors.