Premium Capsule Hotel Cargo New Open!
A new compact hotel will be born on August 9, 2017 in the Shinsaibashi / Honmachi area located in the center of Osaka. Please feel comfortable 'Wa' space that goes over the capsule hotel.


Zen Diamond Suites Hotel Grand Open!
Located in the heart of Da Nang city and just minutes away to International Airport and the beach, the 4-star Zen Diamond Suites Hotel Da Nang contains 290 rooms and suites with large room size which is perfect for the family who desire the comfort of homeliving while traveling in Da Nang.


Chef Nakatsuji gave a tuna cutting performance at a party hosted by the government of the Republic of Croatia (approximately 3,000 ambassadors and others in attendance). A networking event with a local culinary school also took place, which was featured by NHK, local newspapers, and media outlets from a variety of different countries.

Media Information

Our exclusive chef, Toshihiro Nakatsuji, in the restaurant, Wakon-Yosai Nin-Nin Group, appears in the TV program Chichin Puipui broadcast by MBS Osaka Mainichi Broadcasting System.